Being fulfilled

What gets us skipping over the threshold into work is the knowledge that today our talents are going to be used to the full. Our energy is high when we are spending as much as possible of our day in tasks that play to our strengths.

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Boundless energy

This is not to say that being fulfilled at work is necessarily easy - far from it. Stretching and developing our talents can be tough. When we watch somebody doing something they really enjoy and they are good at - a hobby or a sport - we see their energy is high and they have the reserves to stretch themselves to the limit and to continuously improve. This is what we should be doing at work.

Perversely at work we are all too often called upon to be something we are not and wonder why our energy is low and we struggle. The brilliant sales person who loves being with customers is promoted to manager and a desk job. The methodical, organised actuary is asked to take on a marketing role that needs tight deadlines and last minute decisions.

Reading our own energy and how it ebbs and flows, we learn what gives us greatest satisfaction at work.

At what times of the day are we most effective? What type of work gives us the greatest pleasure, gets the juices flowing and the day flying by? How do we like to work (alone or in groups)? Very often looking back to our childhoods and what we did then, spontaneously and naturally, gives us clues as to how best to work as adults.

Jumping girl

The more we work in ways that satisfy us and fulfil us the more effective we will be and the more effective the company will be.

Also, paying attention to what thrills and interests our colleagues, what raises their energy and then telling them what we see, means that we can help them too move towards greater fulfilment and satisfaction at work.