Our 7 energy centres

Until recently, the Western world has largely ignored the East's interpretation of humanity as energy beings, with energy meridians, energy or "chi" that needs to be balanced and "chakras", that are energy centres.

This is now beginning to change. For example, acupuncture has become a well-respected treatment alongside Western medicine.

If acceptance of chakras seems like an energetic step too far for the rational Western mind, it's worth remembering that even in the West we are acknowledging them when we say things like:

  • a lump in my throat
  • butterflies in my stomach
  • gut feeling
  • a pain in the backside
  • heart ache

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Photo: Brilliant Green
The seven major chakras are in line with the spine (Photo: Cahilus)

There are many energy centres in our bodies. The seven major chakras are in line with the spine. If we pay attention to how we feel in the area of each chakra, we can learn much about our energy state and how to maintain it optimally.

Paying attention to our chakras, or energy centres and treating them with respect helps us understand why we think and behave as we do at work and gives us the opportunity to become more effective.


For example, that tightening in the solar plexus in a difficult meeting can be a sign of the ego under threat. Consciously noticing the feeling and respecting it honours our sense of self-worth and allows us to relax and accept that other people in the meeting may also have a valid point of view. The meeting therefore continues productively.

Ignore the feeling in the solar plexus and the ego becomes more strident - like a small child demanding attention. Each ego in the room becomes more defensive and without being aware quite why, the meeting becomes more antagonistic and less fruitful.

Paying attention to the base chakra is invaluable when we want to create an authoritative presence, for example in front of an audience. Standing square and imagining our energy going deep down into the earth gives a wonderful feeling of being grounded. Push against someone when they are using their base chakra energy in this way and they will be rock solid. The audience senses this solidity and gives more credence to what is being said.