Just "getting by"

How many of us wake each morning with gladness in our hearts at the prospect of going to work? Perhaps the artist does, or the doctor or nurse still with a vocation. Maybe the entrepreneur. Perhaps some chief executives.

Photo: Brilliant Green

But for many of us, work is the thing we do between living our lives to the full, the moments of real joy - the fulfilling hobby, the time spent with our friends, family, children. What if we could bring that same joy, that same sense of fulfilment into our working lives?

Not only "what if we could" - we must. We owe it to ourselves to live our lives to the full and joyously all the time. Not just squeezed into evenings and weekends. We spend some 30-40 years of our lives in this activity called "work". Often over half our waking hours are spent just "getting by". What chance have people who are "just getting by" at work of being creative, being effective, coping with change, making good business decisions?

And yet it has never been more important that we are effective in our working lives. Companies are now more powerful than governments. The decisions made and actions taken in companies, by people who are "just getting by" impact on all of us.

Let's begin to live our working lives effectively, joyously and to the full. We can do so by paying attention to the deep and subtle energies in our bodies.