Keeping energy high

Energy in our bodies ebbs and flows. For example, after a meal, the body focuses on digestion and energy is drawn from other parts of the body (such as the brain) while that is happening. Hence the tendency to feel lethargic early in the afternoon. It's a good reason for not holding important meetings immediately after lunch.

Understanding what causes our energy to ebb and flow helps us ensure we are effective at work - that we are living our working lives to the full.

Future generations will probably look with horror on the work environment we have created for ourselves. Our working lives often are not much better than those of battery hens. Sitting at a desk, staring at a screen, barely moving for hours; snatched meals with poor quality nutrition; minimal contact with fellow human beings except in stuffy meeting rooms and often under pressure or bored.

In contrast, watch young children at play, growing, learning, being creative. They are hardly still. Even when they are "quiet", they very often are talking to themselves.

We can learn so much from the energy of a happy child and apply it at work. Not least, getting up from the desk, moving around, stretching, crossing our arms, gets our lymph moving and removing toxins, our right and left brain reconnected and working better, and our energy higher.

Keeping energy high (Photo: Deb Hibbard)

Ways to keep your energy high