Reading our own energy

Open plan offices, everyone sitting slumped in front of screens, the click of keyboards and the hushed murmur of voices - it's all too easy to conform in such an environment, to shut our energy down and become bored and lethargic.

In contrast, ever noticed how "the creative department" in a company is allowed to behave? Often the people who work there keep irregular hours, are noisy, have messy desks, use flipcharts and draw pictures, have sofas rather than desks. We all need some of that stuff. Creativity, learning, coping with change, all come out of movement, out of trying new ideas on our tongues and in our ears.

To stimulate energy for creativity and problem-solving, fidgeting is to be encouraged! When we feel our own energy flagging, it helps to get up, go for a walk, chat to a colleague. While that movement is happening, at a deep sub-conscious level, our energy is being released to come up with the fresh idea, solve the problem, release that writer's block.

Learning to read and respect our own energy and the energy around us, helps us to become better in tune with our working environment and colleagues and to lower feelings of stress.

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Fidgeting is to be encouraged! (Photos: Brilliant Green)

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  • For example, frustration and discontent (often a tight feeling in the stomach or solar plexus) are evidence of the creative process at work. Painful though it can be to live through these feelings, they are a sign that we know that there is more to do, that deep down inside ourselves energy is working. Where possible, honour the feeling. Take time out to let the sub-conscious work and make that cup of tea.
  • Ever had that urgent document that just wouldn't leave the building? The photocopier seizes up, the e-mail crashes, the courier gets lost and then when finally, after huge effort the document's gone, you find there was an error in it? Next time that a task feels like a real uphill struggle, pay attention to what's happening. The chances are, something is not quite right. When things are right, energy flows easily.

  • Notice when anger with another person bubbles up. When we see faults in others it very often is because we are busy denying our own shortcomings. Also anger sometimes emerges when deep down we know the other person is right and our ego feels threatened. If we deal gently with others, we also deal gently with ourselves.
  • Paying attention to and honouring intuition - the still small voice deep inside - can be invaluable. We just know when something feels right or wrong, but we can't prove it. Voicing that intuition early on can often help businesses save so much time and money down the line. The danger is that being seen as a "team player" overrides what we really feel. The more we trust and use our intuition at work, the stronger and more trustworthy it grows.
Photo: Brilliant Green

There are times when however sensitive we are to our energy needs, we can feel overwhelmed. These are moments when there is solace in solitude; when just covering our eyes with the palms of our hands we can bring ourselves back to balance. At moments like these, if the task feels too heavy we can put it down. In that darkness, if we just ask for help and let the burden go, our energy renews and we know that we can cope and we will find a solution.