Self protection

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There will be moments in our working lives when, whatever good intent we have, the behaviour and attitudes of others will threaten our own energy levels. We may be working alongside someone who is angry, cynical, depressed or just low in their own energy. Their negative energy potentially lowers our own.

Under these circumstances it is entirely appropriate to protect ourselves. We are then better equipped to respond constructively to the other person.

The way to protect ourselves is to imagine that we are inside a bubble. Our own positive energy can flow out through the bubble. But negative energy from the other person cannot reach us. It harmlessly bounces off the bubble.

Self protection (Image: Brilliant Green)

Perhaps we have an unpleasant memory in connection with someone at work that is affecting our ability to work together now. NLP gives us tools to help us "neutralise" that memory.

By taking the memory and making it smaller in our minds, making it dimmer, changing the colours into black and white, by turning down the sound, or changing the sounds into silly voices, these actions help take the power from the memory. We become more effective because we are no longer in thrall to that memory and we can move forward with new freedom.