Two powerful words

How we use language determines whether we live in a world full of possibilities or a fearful and threatening world.

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The two words "yet" and "enough" can have an amazing effect on raising energy. Both words open up possibilities in our minds when we get stuck or are afraid.

  • If someone says something like: "We don't know how to do it" , try adding the word "yet" to the end of the phrase. The current reality is acknowledged - at the moment we don't know; but it also leaves room for a positive outcome - that we will know in the future.
  • Catching a train with a minute to spare and thinking "I nearly missed the train" is a position of fear. Thinking "Great, I had time enough to catch the train" on the other hand, offers us a benign world where there is enough of everything for all of us - enough time, enough money, enough room in the market for me and my competitors, enough stamina, enough success.
Photo: Ranxerox

Using "yet" and "enough", both in our own thoughts and when talking to colleagues generates positive energy, releases fear and tension and gets the creative juices flowing again.