Why Working with Energy?

No matter how good technical skills processes and systems are in a business, what ultimately leads to business success is effective human interaction. Great corporate teamwork, good client relationships, effective strategic thinking and implementation are all based on building rapport with others.

Although we are not always aware of it, all human interaction operates at deep levels of energy within our bodies. We are constantly radiating energy out to others and receiving energy back. The quality of that energy exchange is what determines the extent to which we are able to build rapport and to achieve effective human interaction.

Photo: Ranxerox

Sportsmen recognise this deep energy when they talk about "being in the flow". For many of us, however, whether we are chief executive or office junior, what we experience day in day out at work is far less than this. We struggle to achieve what we want and whilst we may get there, it often comes at a price. We experience frustration, tiredness and possibly ultimately burn out. 

Learning more about ourselves as energy beings, we can improve the quality of our energy exchanges day in day out with our colleagues, clients, suppliers. This in turn improves the quality of our lives and leads to greater fulfilment in work and greater business success.